Thursday, March 27, 2008

CG Society’s “Uplift Universe” challenge

Another challenge is on again over at the CG Society website. Every year I enter this challenge and love the push for creativeness. Last year I entered and had too much going on, on the side and was unable to finish. I think this year I may have a better chance and maybe I’ll go all the way, knock on wood.

Here are some sketches that I have started, trying to get my head around a few characters. I must admit that I have never read the series, so I’ve been doing a little research online. I picked one of the books called “The Uplift War.” Were Robert Oneagle leads Neo-Chimps and they engage in guerilla warfare against the Gubru. If I’m wrong, please set me straight, but until then this is what I’m going to base my painting around.

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey guys, this piece that I’m posting is a step in another direction with my art. I never have done anything political and I thought I give it a shot with this piece.