Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey guys, this piece that I’m posting is a step in another direction with my art. I never have done anything political and I thought I give it a shot with this piece.


Shawn Escott said...

Great blog Fly! I like your caricatures a lot! Your Clint Eastwood is awesome. I like your political illo too!

Allan Burch said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for your comments on "Yesterday."

I love New York and am really looking forward to the conference. It always rejuvenates me and gets me excited about illustration and my ambitions. It is also great congregating with other illustrators in what is basically a very disparate industry. Check it out here: I love the vibrating energy of the city and cannot wait to check into the hotel on Madison Avenue with the sights and sounds of Manhattan inches away.

I know what you mean with the glow. I like to call it the "hook," and my vision of that is capturing that something which will grab the viewer and draw them in.

Nice entry into the political scene. I'd love to read more about the concept behind it. One other benefit to doing topical pieces is that the keywords from your blogger posts show up in Google searches. So, if Obama is in the news, people will be searching for him on-line. If your blog includes the word "Obama," it will show up in the search, and who knows who might pop in to check out your blog, or link to it from their blogs.