Thursday, March 27, 2008

CG Society’s “Uplift Universe” challenge

Another challenge is on again over at the CG Society website. Every year I enter this challenge and love the push for creativeness. Last year I entered and had too much going on, on the side and was unable to finish. I think this year I may have a better chance and maybe I’ll go all the way, knock on wood.

Here are some sketches that I have started, trying to get my head around a few characters. I must admit that I have never read the series, so I’ve been doing a little research online. I picked one of the books called “The Uplift War.” Were Robert Oneagle leads Neo-Chimps and they engage in guerilla warfare against the Gubru. If I’m wrong, please set me straight, but until then this is what I’m going to base my painting around.


Allan Burch said...

These are great, Matt! I've always found a freshness about sketches and an energy inherent to them that makes them captivating to look at. I particularly like the blue line-work of the chimp against the rendered eye. Really great drawing skills -- evident in everything you've posted. Good luck with the CG challenge!


Shawn Escott said...

Looking good so far Matthew! Sounds like an interesting plot to illustrate for. I can't wait to see what you come up with :)

What kind of post production work do you do?

Flydesign said...

Hello Shawn,
I work at an entertainment marketing agency here in L.A. and we deal with integrating products into primetime TV and film (the main business of NMA). My job varies these days between video editing, animation, graphics and illustration. Basically we are the middle people between major brand clients and the studios. I must say it has been a very unique and one of the weirdest jobs I have ever had, always very exciting going into work. If you would like to know more you can go to our company site,

Also you can go to my CG society portfolio page and see some of the graphics that I have created for some of our clients in the past.

For the CG challenge I’m running thin on time. I have not had time to really focus on the challenge. When I signed up for the challenge, I thought (bad move) that I would have time to really put some energy into a really nice illustration. Sense then I have a couple of really big projects that popped up and a good friend is getting married this month and I’m part of the wedding, yikes! There are only so many all-nighters that you can do until you end up in a straight jacket and drooling in the corner of the room. Over exaggerated, but I really hope that I can do something along the lines of classic sci-fi illustration. I like this challenge because it does share my interest of illustrating for books down the line, so in the present time I’ll put my best foot forward.

As always I’ll catch up with you on your blog Shawn! I’ll look forward to seeing what you have in the works.

Shawn Escott said...

Sorry it has taken me some time to post back. just getting over this crazy cold/flu thing. I looked at the site links you provided... pretty cool. Sounds like you have a lot of fun at work :)

I know what you mean about too much work and burning out... been there done that! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the challenge!