Sunday, July 20, 2008

Scott Weiland

I did this piece when Scott Weiland was part of Velvet revolver. Have not really followed the band as of late. All in all, great front man.

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Allan Burch said...

Hey Matt,

Thanks for your comments and thanks for following along with my excursions. It was an excellent trip. The conference was great and the city was tremendous.

Things are still crazy busy over here, too. I had to leave a day early to have the extra time in my home studio to properly finish the huge job that came while I was out there. I need to remember a tripod for my art travel kit. I was taking reference photos of myself in whatever part of my hotel room that would allow me to prop my camera up at various levels. This job will make for a good blog post.

Great Scott Weiland portrait! I'm a huge fan of his work in both Velvet Revolver and STP (where he's back at, now, as you probably know).

Definitely follow-up on the Orphan Works situation. And, feel free to forward those links to any artist you know. It's a pretty critical thing that, if passed as is, would throw a big wrench in the way artists do business and our ability to protect our work and pursue infringements.

Take care and don't forget to come up for air every once and a while.